tess de wolf

Tess de Wolf is an artist, writer, speaker, energy healer and a multiple self-made entrepreneur. She's the founder and CEO of global brand Mind at Ease and sought after spiritual advisor.

With her broad interest and diverse skill set, Tess never fitted in just one box. Her experience varies from addiction, art, fashion, journalism and online media to psychology and metaphysical healing techniques.

After trying to fit in for so many years, she has now embraced her different gifts and talents and celebrates her diversity by being a multipassionate entrepreneur.

"You can be whatever you want to be, just put in the hours and the work.“

Her mission is to show men and women worldwide what else is possible and how we can change and heal the world the world through high levels of consciousness.

Tess operates mainly from Bali, Ibiza and Amsterdam, but as a Global Citizen she’s often found traveling around different continents.

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